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Our Business Philosophy

"The Supreme Business Philosophy is simple - Provide Quality Products and Services at Competitive Prices in the Method that Best Suits Each Customer."

Rather than providing a limited offering to our markets, Supreme works with you to properly identify your specific needs. Once the relevant structure and tools are identified, Supreme then moves forward in its provision of these solutions in an effort to be a valuable partner that not only provides a required service, but moreover, provides the service in the manner that best aligns with your own business needs and strategies.

Our clients never stand still, and neither do we.

In the ever-changing and evolving business environment, changes in direction and strategy can occur quickly, and without warning. As a result, Supreme is structured to be easily adapted to meet new challenges as they arise. In fact, Supreme is known for being at the vanguard of our industry in the introduction of new solutions and technologies, and the adoption and improvement of previous industry benchmarks.

However, Supreme realizes that while a reliable supply of quality products and services is essential for every organization, it pales in comparison to the importance of you pursuing the core strategies that make you and your business successful.

Supreme endeavours to be seen as a business partner that "fits in", rather than "stands out" in the minds of our customers.

We always hold the goals of you, our customer as paramount.

By firmly adhering to this Core Business Philosophy, Supreme has grown to be the largest Independent Canadian Office Supply organization with customers across Canada that value our partnership, attitude, and attention to detail.

Our Business Culture

"The Supreme Basics Office Products culture is one of our customers, and our communities."

Our success is entirely based on the provision of high-quality service to our customers across Canada, and an inherent commitment to being a caring and active Corporate Citizen.

We value Commitment, Integrity, Respect and Trust.

Above all, we value our customers. Without them, we have no purpose.

Without customers, we cannot improve our company, or contribute to the well-being of those around us.

Every initiative to change or improve our organization starts with the same question...."How will this help our customer?"